Why’s everyone hating on meat?

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 10.09.57 pm.png
Goa Taco (NYC) Uniform designed by Big Bite Creations 2015

Touchy little subject at the moment the old meat vs vegan debate isn’t it?  And really it’s been a hot little topic since I can remember.  In a previous life when I was studying an art degree, listening to folk music, dating a vegan and forgetting to wash my hair for weeks at a time I toyed with the idea of going vegetarian but it never really worked for me.  I am way to interested in food and cooking and travelling and eating and scared to death of FOMO.  I also spend a lot of time travelling through Asian countries where being a vegan doesn’t really exist.

Sometimes I wonder if veganism is the diet choice of the super wealthy or the super poor (something I’ll cover in a later post).  During those previously mentioned hippy days of my art degree I was dirt poor and too proud to ever ask for money – lets just say it was anti-authoritarian, rebellious stage where I decided making art was more important than making money.  It didn’t last long I can assure you.  But


I understand both sides of the coin and I’ve had many an argument, long winded discussion and casual conversation on the hot topic.  Both sides can almost reflect religious undertones with how heated the discussions for and against can get.  I, myself do eat meat however I am picky about the kind of meats I do eat.  As I am with dairy and eggs also.  It’s not a cheap way to go about things but it means that you’re thinking more about what you’re eating and how much you’re eating.  I would much prefer to eat a high quality imported Jamon than smiley face polony.


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